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Posted on Jun 10 2012 - 5:17pm by Ajay Bisht
we chat app

The present day technology has changed a lot.But the main focus is on human comfort and satisfaction.People want to stay connected with their friends and at the same time perform their work.There are a huge number of social media sites for this purpose. Nowadays smart phones have become an integral part of human life.Also there are a lot of apps available in the stores for the users.This has lead to the competition between the manufacturers as who brings out the better app.

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Let’s take a look at this WeChat app which is used to connect with our friends across various platforms.WeChat messenger is available for both text chat and voice chat.It is one of the top app in its category with 100 million users and still growing.

It can be used in Android,Windows,iPhone,iOS,Symbian and other platforms.The user can download it for 100% free of cost from google play,iOS,apple and many other stores.There is absolutely no advertisements.

The app has got a clear interface that is easy to use and offers a variety of features.It has got a multiple language support.As you can see in this screenshot on left the login is simple.You can simply sign up or connect your facebook account.

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The WeChat app also allows group chat.You can chat with one or many friends at a same time absolutely free cost.It offers unlimited texting and voice messaging including photo and video exchange.You can make new friends just by shaking your phone.Do you want to make new friends..?Then pour your message anonymously into a bottle and throw it in the ocean.See who responds to your message.It however needs data connectivity but offers low data usage.

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You can also delete a message or entire conversation by tapping and holding on in touch devices and by Options->Delete in keyboard devices.

Thus this is a perfect app to spend your time with friends.Also it provides endless entertainment and you can make new friends.You can stay connected with our friends all time.The layout is also good and surely this is the one app that you should try out.Hmmmm………pretty interesting huh??????then what are you waiting for.Just download and install it in your Smartphone.


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