Tumblr for Photographers

Posted on Nov 10 2012 - 9:28pm by Ajay Bisht
Is there anything else mesmerizing than Ansel Adams photos? Ansel Easton Adams (1902 – 1984), best known for his contribution in black-and-white photography, was an American photographer. In a photographic career span of more than 50 years, he combines a passion for meticulous craftsmanship with the natural landscape as a printmaker. His best photographs have been displayed in more than hundreds of exhibitions and even published in many portfolios and books. Ansel Adams achieved his missionary’s zeal to become the most widely recognized photographer in the world.  But why he is so popular? What makes his photography skill distinct?
The majestic black-and-white American West landscapes that are known for clarity and precision make him immensely popular. While it’s true that what Adams saw through his lens is what we could see through our eyes, we can’t deny the fact that his creative skill of photography is matchless. Photography is an art or practice of creating imagery beyond images. There are many styles of photography and so are the types of photographers. And, when it comes to natural landscapes, these are usually the common eye sights that turn to awesome photograph with colossal creativity. Just like a leaf is simply a leaf for you while its nature’s beauty in the eyes of a photographer.
In today’s creative world, there are hundreds of photographers working hard to get recognized in the field of photography. These photographers create blogs on standard platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, etc. to reach the millions of people. Some photographers even have their own websites publishing their best photographs on the World Wide Web. But, photographers often forget the powerful microblogging site – Tumblr.  It’s the most powerful time-saver and the best traffic-builder ever that can be the right choice to reach your targeted audience.
Tumblr as a social networking platform has more than 15,000 users signing up every day. This microblogging site is designed to share seven different types of media like – text, quote, photo, link, audio, chat, and video. When it comes to Tumblr for photographers, there are a number of compelling benefits. First and foremost, photographers use it for their blogs as Tumblr has a completely customizable design. Photographers can easily share their snapshots from any device like iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Laptop or even personal computers. And, they also consider Tumblr to be the best appealing way to share their photos. Furthermore, they can find the great works in the field of photography under tags like Featured and Popular. Apart from these tags, you can find many other tags like Landscapes, Black and White, Portrait, etc.
That’s not all, photographers can also create accounts and share photos on Tumblr.  Most photographers avoid using Tumblr as they think it will not promote the photo, but promote image theft. But, it’s not the exact case, as if you post your photo on Tumblr allowing people to share your images, there are high chances for you to drive targeted traffic to your site. Tumblr not only drives traffic to your website, it also helps in improving your website’s page rank as it has a SEO friendly design.
There are hundreds of photographers sharing photos on Tumblr. Just like Ansel Adam, many photographers strive hard every day to get exposed in the field of photography. If you look at the thousands of Tumblr photo blogs, you can find millions of enthralling photos from different photographers across the globe.

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