Top 5 Apps That Can Aid You to Stop Smoking

Posted on Dec 20 2012 - 8:17pm by Ajay Bisht
Tobacco has been a part of the society for the past centuries and up to now it still exists. It’s like an ecstatic activity that makes it hard to give up. For some, smoking is one of the habits that others can’t quit. They say that a cigarette helps them tolerate the cold weather by giving body warmth, that’s why they can’t just easily give it up despite their knowledge that smoking can cause complications to the health.

Why People Can’t Quit Smoking

In 2011, World Health Organization (WHO) statistical data shows that 10 million people worldwide died because of smoking. The major cause of their death is “lung cancer” along with the other health problems such as bronchitis, heart diseases, tuberculosis, asthma and many more.
With this alarming mortality rate, many groups from different nations organized an anti-smoking campaign, though they know that it’s a tough crusade. Therefore, they make it sure to make a good mission and vision for their anti-smoking campaign, some even showing a picture of a man who have a decayed body organs caused by smoking. But for as the year’s progresses, the campaign seems none effective at all due to a continuous increasing number of death rates. With this fact, they bring the campaign to the next level by making more anti- smoking applications during World- Anti Tobacco Day last May 31. This type of application is a non- aggressive, instead a friendly anti-smoking campaign that aims to entice the smokers to try as a substitute for smoking. Here are the types five anti- smoking campaign that the public will surely go for.

The Top Five Approach For Anti- Smoking As Suggested by World- Anti Tobacco

1) LiveStrong My Quit Coach Lite

LiveStrong My Quit Coach Lite

First is the “LiveStrong My Quit Coach Lite” which makes the individual to make an everyday plan or chart. By doing a plan, it helps the client to keep one’s self on track about his/ her improvements. This is also the “reward type” of application because if there is any improvement, experts recommend giving one’s self a reward in order to encourage yourself more.

2) My Last Cigarette- Stop Smoking Stay Quit

My Last Cigarette- Stop Smoking Stay Quit
The second approach is called “My Last Cigarette- Stop Smoking Stay Quit” application, which allows someone to try different approaches and see if which works best. This application can be considered as “effective” if this step towards quitting smoking can increase the life span of an individual. This is also one of the applications that experts usually do, getting a bunch of people as experimental subject then, seeing for any improvements. This has been a continuous process up until now since many are still smoking, therefore experts are still persistent with this approach, hoping that one day, and the number of people who smokes will lessen, and see the importance of life more than the smoke.

3) Quit Smoking By Azati

Quit Smoking By Azati
The third approach is called as “Quit Smoking by Azati” is a digitally type of an approach which can be installed on your home screen. It has a red button that you have to press if you have the urge to smoke, and will present your data improvement through your home screen. Through this way, the smoker will be reminded and encourage to continue his “none- smoking” habit as he/ she will be reminded by how far he got. It’s like “hey buddy you’ve gone too far so don’t waste your effort” type of an application.

4) Quit Now By Fewlaps

Quit Now by Fewlaps
The fourth approach is called as “Quit Now by Fewlaps” is like a social networking type of an approach in which smokers interacts through a chat, with added features such as gallery which shows posters of smoking complications. This website also provides you with the latest information about everything that you want to learn about anti- smoking. It has also a feature that will show you how much money you save already since you quit smoking.

5) Kick Smoking

Kick Smoking
And last but not the least we have the “Kick Smoking”. This application is like a timer which shows someone the amount of time that he/ she is in a smoke free status, the number of times that someone resisted smoking, and stimulate someone to go on with the non- smoking habits.
The end point of these strategies by the different anti- smoking campaign is to improve the quality of life of everybody. As we know that a non- smoker who can inhale the smoke that contains a nicotine from someone who smokes will also have lung complications. Therefore, if you can’t quit smoking, then don’t involve anyone with your suicidal attempts, for not all would want to inhale the smoke of a cigarette.


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