5 Exciting Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Posted on Jan 7 2013 - 6:52am by Ajay Bisht
5 Exciting Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2
We are living in this high tech era which demands speed from every person and thanks to Samsung that gift us Galaxy Note 2. Now with this second installment of Galaxy note series we are capable to accomplish our tasks with exceptional speed. Although this smartphone comes with bundle of features but I’m going to provide you the details of five exciting features.

1.Use Multi-Window

Samsung Galaxy Note 2- Multi-Window
If the people regard this second installment of note 2 as the fastest Samsung galaxy note then simply they are not going on the wrong path. Actually, this android guy allows its users to do work on multiple windows at the same time and speed. You don’t need to switch between the windows for handling different tasks since same screen has multi-windows for your comfort.

2. Popup Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Popup Note
When you have Galaxy Note 2 then it would never be hard for you to do different things at the same time. There is popup note which permits you to save a contact while you are enjoying your favorite movie. Just you need to pull out S pen and to double tap on the display.

3. Photo Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Photo Note
Your photos are indeed a treasure of your happy moments. Photo note feature of Galaxy note 2 makes it easy for the user to leave some handwritten notes on the back or front of your photos.

4. Paper Artist

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-Paper Artist
If you are a born artist then it’s time to cheer up as this smartphone has brought an enjoyable paper artist feature for you. There are a number of picture editing options to choose from. Come and do an edit which you like to do.

5. Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 is the fastest and smoothest operating system which permits the users to communicate and browse at a blazing speed. Google is now sending the right kind of information to the users based on his location, time and history.
It’s time to grab the fastest Samsung galaxy note 2 and enjoy the exceptional speed of multi-tasking, connectivity, downloading and video streaming.

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