Advantages and Disadvantages of Dual SIM Mobiles

Posted on Jan 15 2013 - 4:58pm by Ajay Bisht
Advantages and Disadvantages of Dual SIM Mobiles

Dual SIM mobiles allow you to fit in two SIMs into one mobile. This allows you to call from any one of the SIM cards. Both SIM cards are in standby mode at the time when you receive a call. This allows you to receive a call from either SIM card.
The following information identifies the pros and cons of having dual SIM mobiles.

Advantages of Dual SIM Mobiles

Cost advantage

Multiple SIM cards allow you to use SIM cards that give you the best tariffs. For instance, assume that you are in a foreign country. In this situation, you use a local SIM card to make and receive calls in that country. This is a better way to manage your talk time charges than using a roaming SIM card and incurring incoming and outgoing call charges charged at international rates.

Carry one mobile with two numbers

Instead of carrying two mobiles, you only carry one mobile. You use two numbers in one mobile. You can use one SIM for business purposes, and the other for personal calls. This way you can segregate your caller list by SIM card.

Reduced call rates

You can use two SIM cards from two different cellular service providers. This allows you the flexibility of using the different tariff rates that is available from different cellular service providers. By doing this you can take advantage of cheaper rates.

Store digital files

You can store digital files on two SIMs. This is as opposed to having only one SIM to store multimedia content such as videos, images and games. You can use one SIM card as the main card and the other as the backup SIM.

Travel with connectivity

What if you are travelling to a region that has very less connectivity for the cellular service provider you have subscribed to? To solve this problem, you just buy a SIM card of the prevailing cellular network service provider with the highest connectivity. You then use this SIM card to make and receive calls when on travel.

Disadvantages of Dual SIM Mobiles

Too many network service providers

It is OK to have two SIMs. But how do you know which cellular network service provider is giving you the best tariff? In India alone there are so many cellular service providers such Airtel, Tata, Reliance, BSNL, and Vodafone to name a few.

Network problems

Many customers have experienced network problems by using two SIM cards of two different cellular network service providers. There is also the collective consensus that the lifespan of dual SIM phones are less compared to single SIM phones. Some dual SIM phones have no 3G connectivity as well.

Battery life

Having two SIMs bites into a lot of battery time. Therefore it is not uncommon to see dual SIM mobile phones have poor battery life.

Lack of features

Some dual SIM mobile phones lack critical features such as wireless network connectivity and multimedia support. Some others lack video rendition capabilities. The lack of such features prevents you from having a complete smartphone experience.

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