Cell phone spy App That Would Make Sherlock Holmes Jealous!

Posted on Jan 22 2013 - 6:37am by Ajay Bisht
Cell phone spy App
Poor old Sherlock Holmes had to wreck his brains to solve mysteries, find clues and track suspects. Had he been not overly gifted in his sleuthing talent, he might as well be jobless! Tracking suspects is one hell of a job. Holmes, however, would have leapt with joy if he could simply get his hands on some sophisticated cell phone spy app!

Cell phone spy: Perks and Benefits:

What Holmes probably would not know was that some time in future, it will be absolutely possible to track whereabouts, tap calls and get access to personal data remotely. Obviously, the prospect of misusing mobile monitoring technology exists but then every technology can be misused. There is p0rn, cyber bullying and hacking. So leave it to the bad guys to abuse things while we stick to rightful mobile monitoring where we have every right to keep tabs on our kids and parents!

Which App Would Holmes Go For?

If I were Sherlock Holmes, I would go for something class apart, something different and innovative. That has got features and can actually respond to my preferences. The one that I wouldn’t have to follow, rather it follows what I ask to be done! If I look for an app that has all these things, the search remarkable narrows down to just one: StealthGenie.
StealthGenie is different because it is honest enough to claim only the features they offer. It is innovative because it has some unique features and it is flexible enough to be moulded as per the user’s preferences. And it is truly undetectable so Sherlock Holmes would definitely have gone for it.

What Has StealthGenie Got?

The biggest advantage of StealthGenie cell phone spy app is that it has some really innovative features that are exclusive as well. You can get to have all these features at $16 or less- that’s quite economical. Here are some of the features:

· SMS, emails and chat logging
· Phone surrounding and call recording
· Gallery viewing
· GPS tracking
· Web browser history checking
· WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail app monitoring
· Data backup and deletion
· Remote phone locking
· Trigger alerts and SIM changing alerts
· Appointments and memos logging

Make Sherlock Holmes jealous because he could not use some effective cell phone spy. Make full use of StealthGenie monitoring software because your kids and employees will continue to dodge you!

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