VoIP Apps to make Free Calls on Your Smartphone

Posted on Jan 30 2013 - 8:43am by Ajay Bisht
Smartphones are incredible tools that work to keep you connected with friends, family members and other associates. Of course, it is possible that your wireless plan is not everything you wish it was as many are quite expensive; a lot of plans also do not include international calling but charge additional fees for it that can really add up. With that in mind, there are many great VoIPvoice over Internet protocol – apps that you can download to your smartphone. These tools allow you to make free voice calls to anyone, regardless of their location. The top VoIP apps are revealed and discussed below.


iCall Voip AppiCall voip app (2)
iCall – Free Phone Calls, Video Chat, SMS + Instant Text Messages for IM and Cheap International Calls,  is a free app that allows you to make phone calls for free to any cell phone or landline phone. It is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and has been downloaded over 15,000,000 times; resulting in being awarded “App of the Week” by the New York Times. In addition to the free calls you can make, iCall also lets you share photos and chat on Facebook Chat, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and more.


Viber Voip app
Viber-Free Calls and Messages, is a free app that is available for Android smartphones, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iPhone. You can enjoy free phone calls with users across all of these smartphone platforms as well as send and receive text messages and photos. There is no restriction on where the recipient is located as it allows you to make and receive international voice calls as well.


MobileVoip app
MobileVoip is available on multiple smartphone platforms, including Windows Phone, and is free to download. It lets you make free voice calls to individuals in certain areas of the world that are local to your location and works on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and even EDGE data speeds. You can also send and receive free text messages.


Skype Voip app
Skype is a great free VoIP app that works on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. With it, you can engage in free video calls with anyone, no matter where in the world they reside. In addition, you can enjoy sending and receiving free text messages. For a low annual fee, you can also include voice calls to your list of features.


Line voip app
LINE-Free Calls and Messages, is a free app for Android smartphones that allows you to take and make phone calls to individuals anywhere in the world for free. You can also text message to your heart’s desire – again for free.


netTALK voip app
netTALK is a free VoIP app that allows you to enjoy free calls throughout the United States and Canada on your iPhone or Android device. It works via your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G or EDGE data connection.
With the majority of these VoIP apps available to download for free, or with a free lite version available, smartphone users can start enjoying the benefits of free calls, text and video calling now!

The top VoIP apps were reviewed by Jonny Grant on behalf of Packnet; a Manchester based telecommunications company who offer a range of business telephone and business voip solutions.

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