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Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 6:18pm by Ajay Bisht
If you need to send a couple of photos to relatives, send your director a report or just a small archive with data, then it’s comfortable to use email. But sometimes you need to share really big files and then it’s high time to use online file storages.
The first online storages that come to mind are Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and the like. Sure, these are reliable and well-known storages. But if you don’t want files to occupy space in your limited account storage then pay attention to specialized services for quick data exchange. Here’re the most popular and functional ones. is a cloud storage for quick data exchange. All you need to do is to drag and drop a file on the page of the service and it will be immediately uploaded. After that you’ll get a link that you may share with anyone this file is intended for. Multiple upload is supported, and if you want to share images, they will be shown as small previews.  share files
The files of unregistered users are kept for 30 days and can’t be bigger than 250 Mb. For registered users the maximum file size is 2 Gb and storage time is unlimited. You may get even more storage space, but you’ll have to pay for that.


Droplr send files
If you’re looking for a simple but effective tool for file exchange, then you may take a look at Droplr. File uploading is realized in the same way as in, that is by drag-and-drop. Registered users will get a full-fledged file manager with the functions of viewing, organizing and sharing of the uploaded data. If you don’t like the online manager, Windows, Mac and iPhone clients are at your disposal.
Among the disadvantages of the service I can mention the 1 Gb limitation of disk space and 25 Mb limitation for uploaded files, which looks not serious as compared to its competitors.


Dropcanvas drag and drop files
Another service that uses drag ’n’drop technology for uploading files. Each user is given a special page, the so-called “canvas”, where you can keep up to 5 Gb of different data. At the same time, the number of canvases is unlimited. Thus we may speak about unlimited disk space for file storage.
Each canvas has its own URL which you may share in social networks or anywhere else. The uploaded data will be kept for 60 days for those who are too lazy to register, and forever for registered ones.


pastelink file exchange service
This file exchange service tries to attract users with the absence of obligatory registration and of advertising. Speaking about disk space, I can tell you that the service provides you with up to 250 Mb of free disk space where you may keep your data for 7 days. If you spend a minute on registration, you’ll get a pleasant bonus of 2 Gb of disk space.
The link for the uploaded data can be sent to the necessary users who are able to download data immediately without any waiting screens or advertising.


Gigasize is a convenient service that allows you to share, upload and keep data in the cloud storage. The main peculiarity of this service is that it provides you with 10 Gb of free disk space, while the maximum size of the uploaded file reaches 1 Gb. The service keeps your data for 20 days, and if you’re a registered user then the term is 45 days.

Just Beam It

Unlike other services in this article which keep your data on servers, Just Beam It works in a different way. It just serves for establishing direct connection between your computer and the computer of the file receiver. Data transfer is carried out directly between two computers, without using any third-party server. Thus, you don’t need to worry about disk space available or about the maximum file size – these are not limited by the service.
justbeamit file sharing service
In order to send a file you need to drop it on the service’s page and then press a “Create Link” button. The link created you should send to a file receiver who will click on it and the transfer will begin. The transfer progress will be shown on your page. By the way, you shouldn’t close the page, otherwise the connection will be lost and the transfer will fail.

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