Meet with Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Posted on Feb 2 2013 - 2:09am by Ajay Bisht
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S3 was indeed the most popular android smartphone of last year.When it comes to its smaller alternative (galaxy S3 mini), then you come to know that this handset was good but not popular. Although it resembles with its big brother in terms of looks yet when you look it closely then you start noticing the big differences. It’s time to meet with Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which is regarded a good android smartphone because of its fast processor.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Design
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone is designed with white plastic body that looks good but it doesn’t very appealing for the style lovers. There are physical home and menu buttons that light up when you need them. A good thing about this mini guy is that you never feel uncomfortable when you hold it in hands for hours.


If you are a guy who loves to do web browsing at a fast speed then it is only the dual core processor that meets your requirements. You can enjoy multi-tasking and multi-entertainment in a quick manner.


The display of this Samsung android handset is crisp, clear and vivid. This 4 inch AMOLED display is quite bright. You love to watch movies on this display. You don’t need to zoom the web pages when you want to read them. It’s indeed good to see this display.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini camera
There is a 5MP camera that allows you to get the good pictures. Although you are unable to get the HD quality videos and images, which can be obtained via Galaxy S3, yet the still and video images of this snapper are nice. You can find a VGA camera for video calling but it isn’t comparable with Galaxy S3 720p 1.9 MP front facing camera in any manner.


There are a number of features that increases its value in the eyes of its users. What I like the most are Direct Call, Smart Alert, S voice and Smart Stay. These features really turn this handset into a smart phone.
I suggest you to never compare this mini handset with its big brother. If you don’t do comparison then you come to know that Samsung Galaxy S3 is a good smartphone.

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