Onda v812 vs. Ipad 3 – Is One Better Than the Other

Posted on Mar 17 2013 - 3:46am by Ajay Bisht
The focus of technology today is going as mobile as ever. There are lots of webmasters who are learning to create wonderful mobile versions of the original desktop website, and hardware makers are getting adept at the art of building friendly mobile devices for users.

Onda v812 vs. Ipad 3 - Is One Better Than the Other

There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the most iconic brands when it comes to tablets. Who does not know about iPad nowadays? Maybe that’s about only 10% of the modern population. But people have to know other competitive brands that are available in the market. Such is the Onda v812, which is a gadget that can be compared side by side the iPad 3. In this article, we will decide if one is better than the other.

Onda v812 vs. Ipad 3

1. Operating System

Designed by Onda, Onda v812 runs in Android 4.1 operating system, while Apple’s iPad 3 brings iOS 5.1 to the masses. Of course, both of these default versions of the OS can be updated manually through software update online when a new one is available. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean already can provide users with a revolutionized experience in the interface and the interaction. Responsiveness rate is high for both of these tablets.

2. Price

Nothing can probably beat China’s products when price is the core point in discussion. To build the Onda v812, Onda manufacturer partnered with Allwinner and achieved a tablet PC that can be put in stark competition with the iPad mini or iPad 3. Its price is just half Apple’s contender, so a lot of people say that Onda v812 is the “alternative” to iPad 3.

3. Resolution

Users always look for gadgets with high retina displays, and both Onda v812 and the iPad 3 are good choices. The Onda V812 features an 1024X768-pixel HD resolution 3rd generation IPS display, just like Apple iPad Mini. Providing clear color, lifelike images and wide viewing angles, their screens are measured at eight inches. The iPad 3 has a pixel density of 264ppi (pixels per inch), and the ratio is 4:3 exactly similar to the Onda V812.

4. Camera

Onda V812 and iPad 3 have dual cameras: back and front-facing. Onda V812 is equipped with a 0.3 million pixel front-facing camera, so certainly this is the part where it loses in the battle because the iPad 3 features a 1.2 million pixel front facing camera, which is already four times better than the former. For the rear camera, both devices are installed with 5 million pixels.

5. Design

At one look, you can easily be astounded by the seamless body of Onda V812. If you’re an Apple fan, you would notice that this device has relatively the same aluminum enclosure perfectly made with a dimension of 199.8 mm x 152.5 mm x 9.8 mm. This mobile tablet has minimal buttons just like iPad 3. While its front view is clean and smooth, the back view is sturdy which appeals to its high build quality. In comparison, the iPad 3 design is identical to its predecessor. Without getting close, you would even mistake it as the iPad 2. Both have curved edges and feather-light frames. Only noticeable difference is the weight, as the new iPad is about 60 grams heavier.


With these features put side by side, you can be safe to go with Onda V812 especially if you are tight on budget. They equally got four points, as Onda lost in the camera review and Apple lost in the price section. But essentially, you would experience almost the same high performance, aluminum chassis and cool designs. Also, both are actually worth the price, since Apple is a classic tried and tested brand for many users now.

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