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Top 10 Android Mind-boggling Puzzle Games

Posted in Uncategorized2 years ago • Written by Ajay Bisht11 Comments
Playing puzzle games is a great way of keeping your mind engaged. If your mobile is Android driven, then you should have no difficulty finding an interesting game for you. Here are 10 great mind-boggling puzzle games you can download and play.

1. Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 by EA Swiss Sarl
Download Link -
You will really love this game for the excellent display and superb performance. All that you have to do is match gems. Once you have done the matching the whole lot will burst and throw out a shower of breathtaking colors. When you make 4 bursts you will score points. You can have your ways with choosing styles. This game is brought to you by EA Swiss Sarl.

2. Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex puzzle game
Download Link -

The people who created Amazing Alex also created Angry Birds. So if you are an avid puzzle game player you will know what to expect in this game. It is a principally a physics puzzle game. The principal character in the game is Alex, and he will be creating tasks for you to accomplish. Your job will be to find the right solution to the puzzles. There are more than 100 challenging levels and you will certainly love meeting the challenges. This game is brought to you by Rovio Mobile Ltd.


3. Where is My Water

Where is My Water Android game
Download Link - Version)

Where is My Water is one of the best rated games ever to hit for Android phones. The central character in the game is an alligator. This alligator is a lot different and lives in the city sewer. He takes bath and refreshes and he is friendly too. Your job as a player is to arrange water supply to him, after the other notorious alligators had damaged the pipelines. There are 10 exclusive levels of games. The game was developed by Disney.


4. Shift

Shift puzzle game
Download Link - Lite – Free Version)

This game can be really addicting for players. There is lots of music which too you can enjoy. As a player your job will be to find a way out a trap in which you have been caught. Believe us, this game is being played by about 10 million players. The game was developed by Handmark.



Cryptica Game for Android
Download Link -

The game line is to find relics of the past in which many wise men have miserably failed. There is a HD version of the game. Totally there are 120 puzzles you will have to solve. There are 4 levels at which you can play the game. This game is brought to you by Pixibots. You can see screen shots and a video detailing how to play it. It is a highly rated game you will enjoy.


6. Cut the Rope Experiments

Cut the rope experiments game
Download Link - 

It is a classic game on modern tunes. You will really like the rope guns, rockets, suction cups and several robot arms. You will particularly like the green monster. There are more than 150 experiments you will want to conduct and enjoy. The game is brought to you by ZeptoLab and has been rated high.


7. Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2- puzzle game for Android
Download Link -

Puzzle Quest 2 is free and fantastic. You can see some of the most amazing and unbelievable creatures that your mind can conjure up. In addition you can also experiment with great weapons. This game can really tease your brain. There is also a paid version of the game. If you are comfortable with the free version go for the paid one. It is really worth the money.The game has good rating.


8. Apparatus

Apparatus - Android puzzle game
Download Link - (Apparatus LITE- Free Version)

This game is simple to play and it is available free. The game is about setting up simple structures for moving objects. There is a paid version to this game which have may excellent features. As a player you will be connecting cables, using motors, construct bridges, drive vehicles, but at the end it is all the same move objects.


9. Unblock Me

Unblock me Android Game
Download Link -

Though this game is simple, you will get addicted to it in no time. As a player your task will be to get the red block out the board. You cannot lift it out, so you will have to keep sliding one after the other until the block can be removed.


10. 100 Gates

100 Gates Android Mind-boggling Puzzle Game
Download Link -

As a player of 100 Gates your task is to move out of the room. It can be really addicting, be warned. Every time you move to a different room you will be encountered with puzzles. The game is totally free. You will really like the great graphic features of the game.

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    Great list. Have you guys tried Puzzle Challenge?

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    amazing alex is one of the best puzzle children education games i have ever played.thanks for sharing the list here with us.

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