Top Ten Best Android Apps For Nexus 7

Posted on Mar 1 2013 - 6:58pm by Ajay Bisht
Ever since Eric Schmidt, back in December 2011, confirmed that Google and Asus are working on a tablet that would definitely be a much stronger competition to Apple’s tablet offering, the iPad, people have been curious as to how good it will be. But on June 27, 2012, all the speculations were laid to rest, with Google launching the Nexus 7 tablet.
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Best Android Apps For Nexus 7

As a Google Nexus device, the Nexus 7 offers what they call, a “pure Android” experience, as it features the stock Android operating system, free of manufacturer or wireless carrier modifications like custom graphical user interfaces or “skins”, such as TouchWiz and HTC Sense that would normally exist in other Android devices. Reception to the Nexus 7 was favorable. Technology commentators drew attention to the Nexus 7’s high performance, responsive display and the inclusion of Jelly Bean, as well as NFC support. Critics in particular praised the combination of competitive retail pricing and quality of the Nexus 7.
So,you have managed to get a Nexus 7, then what? Here are the top ten apps that are must haves for any Nexus 7 owners:

1. SwiftKey 3

Swift Key 3 Keyboard for Tablets

SwiftKey 3, which is probably the best keyboard for Android. It looks different, and the typing response is really quick. Another added bonus for this app is its auto correct – it learns from your Twitter, Gmail, or Facebook.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard app for android

Flipboard, is by far one of the best news application available for Android. It can also be linked to you Google+, or Twitter, which is really cool.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox Android App for nexus 7 Tablet

Dropbox, a file sharing app that blows other apps away. It allows you to place your files, and multimedia in the cloud, and can easily be synchronized to other Android devices. This saves you a lot of storage space, if storage space is an issue with your device. Your files are easily placed and accessed on the cloud. Its interface is really good, as well.

4. Evernote

evernote android tablet app

Evernote, which is a really nice application that synchs across all your devices. Great for synching small document like letters and emails. So, instead of looking for a piece of paper and jotting down stuff, you can always jump on Evernote, and it will be in the cloud for you. This is a must have for bloggers that are always on the go.

5. Notification Toggles

notification toggle android app for tablets

Notification Toggles, now this one is exclusive to Jellybean, and gives you the ability to jump into your notification bar. And all of its components are customizable.

6. Chrome

chrome app for android tablet

Chrome is probably the best browser that you can have on your Nexus 7. It is a really fluid and fast browser. Now, this is not at all surprising, as Google owuld have made sure that their own browser will be best suited for their own devices and mobile operating system.

7. Plume

plume android app for tablet

Plume is great for monitoring your tweets from your Twitter account. It offers you a great interface to monitor your tweets. A definite must have for those that like tweeting. There is a free version, and also, a paid version.

8.Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle android tablet

Amazon Kindle is a perfect alternative to Google Books. It offers a lot of functionality, and really great when you have a Kindle. It has a nice interface and using it is very easy. There are a features that you can customize within the application, like brightness. So, if you are a big reader, Amazon Kindle is worth looking into.

9. Kingsoft Office

kingsoft office for android tablet

Kingsoft Office turns your Nexus 7 into a powerful mobile word processor. It allows you to edit word documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. It also supports PDF formats and has a built-in file manager.

10. IMO Messenger

imo messenger for android tablet

IMO Messenger, merges all of your instant messaging apps into one neat display. It supports instant messagng networks like Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Others.
So, there you have it! A list of 10 Nexus 7 must have apps that will let you get the most out of your Android Nexus 7. And by looking at this list alone, you could say that things are looking good for Nexus 7 owners. But, whether Google’s claim about their tablet being a stronger competitor against Apple’s iPad is still yet another story. But for now, Google’s Nexus 7 is a welcome addition to the mobile computing life of today’s world.

This is a guest post by Sheine Austria, who is a Free Lance Web Designer, a holder of a Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies  from Upskilled Australia.

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