Who are the Adopters?

Posted on Mar 7 2013 - 8:29am by Ajay Bisht
If you don’t know what an adopter is, they are those people who always want to be the first to get their hands on the newest technology. They were the first to get the iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Kindle and so on. By being an adopter you get first crack at the newest technology and you have it before anyone else does. But this has drawbacks as you have to cope with all the glitches that come with newly released gadgets.

Who are the Adopters


The adopter can also be called the ‘early customer‘. During the early days, the adopter was also referred to as an individual or company that used a technology that had not yet gone mainstream. The adopters were usually part of the product testing phase and would provide feedback to the software developer and let them know if there are any problems with the product. This relationship works both ways, as the customer gets early crack at hot new technology while the company gets to test it.

The New Adopter

But those adopters stated above are now called beta testers, and the early adopter today refers to people who just want to have the newest gadget before anyone else does. These people are wealthy since they are the only ones who can afford new technology, which is almost always priced high.
The term by the way, doesn’t just apply to mobile gadgets, but all sorts of electronic products, software and hardware. But these adopters want more than just the latest technology because they also love taking the risks that come with it.
In other words, for them it is as much fun to have a new toy as is taking the risk of buying a product that potentially could have a lot of problems. While they can be somewhat fickle and have a short attention span as far as gadgets are concerned, they are valuable for a developer as it gives them an idea of what their customers want.
While some people may look at adopters as nothing more than people who like to show off, they are actually very useful. An adopter for instance, will provide you with the info you need about a gadget.
The adopter can tell you if the gadget works or not, allowing you to decide if it is worth purchasing or should be passed up for something else. For companies the adorer can be used to spread good word about their product and in due time it will become viral.


The advantage of knowing what an adopter is and adopting early is that it allows developers to spot problems in their product and therefore fix it, before it is shipped out en masse. The more early adopters there are, the quicker a company will be able to fix any problem with their products.
Of course it also goes without saying that owning the newest tech gadget is a status symbol, and you will be the center of attention among your friends in the office or school.
There are disadvantages of course. Products in the beta stage are notoriously difficult to run and you can never tell when an app will crash one day. It might be running well and the next day just stops working completely. If you use the app as your daily and go to software, then you will need to back up your files regularly as it might stop working without any reason.
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