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5 Free Apps for Saving Android Device

Posted in ANDROID APPS2 years ago • Written by Ajay Bisht4 Comments
No one wants to lose their Android devices but if in case it was lost or stolen don’t get panic but just take a deep breath. Just stay calm because there are five excellent anti-theft Android applications available that able to help you recover your stolen devices or at least save your important data from identify theft.
You invested hundreds and thousands of dollars for your Android devices indeed we get mad and annoyed if we lost it or someone stolen it. Therefore, in this article we compiled some of the best Android applications in the market to assist you if in case your devices were stolen or lost. Once you get your device we highly recommended installing immediately at least of these apps.
Some of these Android applications are featured with the capability of tracing down your stolen device by activate it to ring off the catch, as well it allows the user to wipe out all their data from the stolen or missing Android device, then a GPS location will send to the owners email if the situation becomes worst. Not just that, some of the apps able to catch the photo of the theft, as well able to record their conversation through the microphone of the device.
However, still remember that only few of this Android application works even after the device was lost. Most of them act as a preventive measure; it simply means that the applications must be securely installed first before something undesirable happens to your Android phones. In that way, there’s a great possibility that you can able to recover and save your Android devices.

Here are the top five apps for saving Android device:


AntiDroidTheft is a simple Android application that allows the user to locate their phone through GPS, view the images that have been taken by using the device throughout the Web, and able to track all the SIM card changes of the Android phone.

Android Lost Free

Android Lost Free
I can say that this application is perfect as far as finding your lost phone is concerned, as well it has the ability to torture the theft. This app will be activated thorough Web or SMS to let the phone ring with a blinking screen, allows you to enable and disable Wi-Fi connection and GPS, allow the user to obliterate SD card, as well able the user to get the latest list of calls.

Plan B

Plan B
If in case the stolen or lost Android device has gone and not yet installed with tracking application, Plan B is the best option. This Android device has come from the Lookout Labs that allows the user to locate their lost phones through GPS and Cell Tower, eventually send the location of the Android device through your Gmail.

SeekDroid Lite

SeekDroid Lite
SeekDroid Lite is available in two options a free to download and a pro plan that’s worth $2.99/month. This application attributed with all regulars like SMS activation, remote lock and wipe, hide from view mode, with GPS-enabling features, and ring alert even in silent mode. As well it allows the user to get back all the recent list of calls, take note; it works even the SIM card is not plugged in.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid
This app is absolutely free, and really an excellent app to find your lost Android phone. When your Android phone is missing or stolen the app will send a code through SMS and let the phone ring, it rings even the phone was set to silent mode. Some of the text codes send user the GPS location of the phone allow the user easily find the lost device.

This article is written by Iryna Ostapets, who is a tech writer and blogger laying out for tech news via online exposures. She is the author of the site: Android Spy Software,where you can get valuable information about spy software programs on your cell phone.

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  1. Stephan Wilkin April 22, 2013 at 2:23 am - Reply

    This applications are secured our android device. So, Thank you for sharing this information. I can't wait to download this apps.

  2. John Cox May 19, 2013 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    The information contained on the phone is backed up on an online server that you can then consult whenever you want cf.

  3. Bobbyhayse July 9, 2013 at 3:59 am - Reply

    AntiDroidTheft and SeekDroid Lite android application is most useful for our daily life, thanks for sharing this helpful apps.

  4. zoya July 16, 2013 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    These kinds of apps should be installed for every Android devices to make sure it is safe. I haven't used these apps and will surely have a try on this. In the same way I would like to share a source where you can get interesting and useful android apps.

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