Best Cricket Games for Android

Posted on May 16 2013 - 6:48pm by Ajay Bisht
Cricket games are very popular sports-inspired games. And it is best played on a mobile device too. If you own an Android phone, here are the best cricket games that you can play with it. Download one or all of them and enjoy long hours of fun hitting that ball, making a goal, and beating your enemies.

1. Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

This famous cricket game that used to be exclusively for personal computers had made a comeback – but this time on an android. Play Stick Cricket and concentrate on your moves. You want to hit the ball with perfect timing to get a six.

2. Cricket WorldCup Fever

Cricket World Cup Fever

Can’t get enough of the Cricket World Cup? Then continue on with the WorldCup fever with your Android tablets and smart phones. This exciting game is composed of four modes for a more engaging game play. This high definition cricket game is sure to get you fully interested.
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3. IPL Cricket Fever

IPL Cricket Fever

If you are an avid fan or follower of the Indian Premier League, then this cricket game is for you. It’s the one that can get your game going with your most favorite IPL players of course. Try your skills with the Power Play mode or the Quick Match mode and see how well you’ll fare.

4. World Cricket Championship

World Cricket Championship

This one is a 3D cricket game developed by Next Wave Multimedia. If you’re looking for a cricket game that is rich with graphics and has great audio, then you have just found what you’re looking for in this game. Enjoy its three game modes such as World Cricket Championship, Fantasy Cricket League, and World Premier League.

5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Play your type of a cricket game following the famous formats such as ODI and T20. This game boasts of great HD graphics that every avid cricket player will surely love.

6. Pinch Hitter Cricket

Pinch Hitter Cricket

This cricket game is one of those games that would require you to be very good with your timing and shot selection. Hit a really good score so you can get to the championship rounds.

7. Street Cricket

Street Cricket

Cricket is one game that can be played just about anywhere. In this game, it was further proven that this is one game that you can play on the streets. This game used to be a PC game. Now it is made available for the Android too. This is one cricket game that will give you the ultimate streetwise fun experience.

8. Free Hit Cricket

Free Hit Cricket

In this cricket game, everything will be based on your sheer hitting skills. Try this very exciting game with good sound and great graphics. Free Hit Cricket is sure to entertain you for hours.

9. Turbo Cricket

Turbo Cricket

If you want to hone your batting skills, then try this cricket game. Hit the ball strong and get a high score. Beat your own record by continually playing in the game’s different stages.

10. Play Cricket Rivals

Play Cricket Rivals

Play a good game of cricket against the best team and know if your skills are good enough for the win. In this game, the main goal is to reach the finals and be crowned as the next cricket champions.

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