Top 5 Apps for Foodies

Posted on May 26 2013 - 6:55am by Ajay Bisht
Are you bored of the same old food and restaurants? Want to experience or try something new, afresh? We all need to eat to live, and in our busy lives we hardly get time to try and make different food always. But our craze for quality food remains and whenever we get time we reach out to try experimenting. The “Foodies” especially are always hungering for good food, restaurants and good taste. They religiously believe in the saying “variety is the spice of life”.
So here comes some very innovative, new apps for Smartphone users. Now, locating fine food and food plazas are just a click away from you. With the launch of many latest apps that are solely based on food items and places where you can hop in for good food, it helps us discover the new arena of food recipes and enrich our sight to a world of variations in dishes.
In the review below I am relating about 5 Smartphone apps that foodies certainly need to check out.


Yelp Android App

This app initially started off with just Yelp moving to Yelp mobile, but with time it’s now one of the most popular apps among food enthusiast smartphone users. The app acts as our guide to hunt down different shops, restaurants, medicine shops etc. And with this app, you are just a step away from your destination. You can search for your desired place according to your budget, locality, and convenience. Now fulfilling your friends’ and family’s wish to visit a good place to have lunch or dinner isn’t a difficult job. Yelp is there to rescue you even during midnight. Yelp’s reviews are considered like a psalm and the restaurants with not-so-good reviews are in a dire need to pull up their socks.


Riverford iPhone app

Bored with salads? Don’t know what different to do with veggies all the time? Riverford is your solution. This app helps with new vegetarian recipes for all the veggies who are fed up of the same old recipes. This app will help you store your vegetable in a proper way and will give you more than 774 vegetarian recipes. Even if you just have a cabbage or a cucumber in store, the app will give you ways to use them to make something delicious. With the latest update you can now easily bank your favorite recipe in your phone’s locker for free and look for it anytime.


foodgawker app

When you are hungry and need a solution, the Foodgawker app will come to your rescue. It is a complete visual treat for food lovers. This app is filled with pictures of various ranges of delicious and exotic food. Accompanied with the finest gallery of a variety of recipes, you are bound, never to get bored with food.


foodspotting app

Foodspotting opens with a map showing diverse places to eat. And if you are in love with any food, you can now “spot” it anytime with just a click on its photo. Every restaurant has a special dish that engraves its name on one’s heart, and when one such dish has moved you, you can easily get it with this app installed in your phone.


LocalEats app

This app is a mixture of both advantages and disadvantages. If you are a resident of a large city, you can locate quite a number of exotic local foods in restaurants in your city. But it is not quite a user-friendly app for people living in sparsely populated areas. All in all, LocalEats is perfectly structured in a manner that it will not take much of your sweat to situate the best cuisine at the finest eat-outs.

Summing up

Thus to sum up in a few words, apart from these 5 apps mentioned above, there are still immense options for you if you are in love with food and want to try out different dishes every time. Smartphones can provide you with a plethora of such user-friendly apps to satisfy your appetite completely.

This post has been written by Sunil Khale, who is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has since been an avid technology blogger for PriceCheckIndia, where you can get the latest Nokia touch screen Mobile price.

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