Top 6 Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Features Exposed

Posted on May 29 2013 - 9:55pm by Ajay Bisht
Top 6 Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Features ExposedIf one would say that the present world is full of smart gadgets, which have become the indispensable need of every society member, then it will not be wrong. Different kinds of smart devices are available these days, for distinct purposes. Whether you talk about communicating devices, cleaning machines, or anything else, everything is in access, which is quite facilitating. However, you will be amazed to know that the most preferred gadget of almost every individual is smartphone and Samsung brand is at the top of the list.
Hence, to meet the increasing needs of the tech savvy users of the current age, Samsung is introducing various stylish smartphones on time to time basis. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of them, which has been recently introduced in the market to facilitate the users in every possible way they could think of. In simple words, you can say that Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently one of the world’s most powerful smartphone and this is all because of its unique and advanced features. Do you want to know more about these features? If yes, then the details are as follows:

Dual Shot

Have you noticed that many people love to buy smartphones, which offer excellent camera results? If you are also one of them, then Samsung Galaxy S4 is the right smartphone for you, as it offers both rear and front cameras for capturing moments in the best possible way. The best part is that the dual shot of Samsung Galaxy S4 not only facilitates the users with capturing pictures but also allows them to record videos. Apart from this, these cameras can be used for video chatting, which is a true convenience for those, who love to use their smartphones for personal as well as professional meetings.

Samsung galaxy s4 Dual Shot

Create your Animated Photos

Creating animated photos has become the latest trend especially among the users, who love to use social media sites. Such users upload their personal animated pictures and also of their loved ones for fun. Besides this, many professionals also use animated pictures to advertise their brands. Hence, now you can create your favorite animated pictures on your Samsung Galaxy S4 just in few seconds.

S Health

Health is wealth and Samsung acknowledges this, which is why now all Samsung Galaxy S4 users can access S Health app with the help of which they can track their daily eating habits. Isn’t it amazing? The best part of using this app is that they cannot only track their eating habits but can also their workout schedules in order to improve their health.

Samsung Galaxy S4 S Health

Watch On

You will be amazed to know that now controlling your TV sets and cable devices with the help of your Samsung Galaxy S4 is also possible. For this, you just simply need to access Infrared Blaster from where you can select the country code and the device, which you want to control via your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch On

S Translator

Now using your smartphone for translating different phrases and words is also possible. The most amazing thing is that you can type as well as send voice command via using your Samsung Galaxy S4 for translation with ease.

S Translator Samsung S4


Editing of pictures becomes a true hassle when it comes to erase the irrelevant objects from them. For example, you have taken an excellent picture of your loved one in a mall but people in the surroundings are making that picture little clustered. What will you do in such a situation? If you are a proud user of Samsung Galaxy S4 then you can easily use Eraser feature of this smart device to remove the undesired objects from the picture.

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