Some Interesting Facts On Why People Go Social

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 6:51am by Ajay Bisht
Social media have been tossed around and have become a part of human existence in the past few years. It is more than the other kinds of social media that we have been used to such as television, newspaper, or radio. At present, given the advent of the new technology we now have different social media or social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedln, and many more that facilitate the creation and exchange of information and ideas. But aside from these things, we often wonder how come that social media have become an inseparable thing in the life of people, encompassing every aspect in our lives. Regardless of the demography, language, even beliefs and distance social media never cease to make people dependent on them.

Why People Go Social


One reason why a lot of people use the different social media websites is because of the fact that it provides people a valuable way to connect. They can keep in touch with their family and friends across distances; share the latest information about events, and to share their interests with other people. Moving away to far places is never an issue anymore. With social media, one can always maintain communication, making them the ultimate tool for networking.
There are different social networks available that can help a person get in touch with friends, both with the old and new ones. Most of these social media sites have tools that can track down people. People can also make use of these tools to make friends with people having same interest with them. Social media is a great way to expand one’s social circle.


The use of social media is not only beneficial for communication but also for work. When one is planning to look for a job, the person can make use of such to gather references from old co-workers. This can also be used to establish connection with other people who work in the same company or industry. Managers always prefer to hire people with specific skills. The person can also convey the things about himself and what he is capable of doing through social media.
Both individuals and businesses use social media for marketing purposes. They utilize such to advertise their products and services, and to stay connected with their customers or follow potential customers. Social media is a viral marketing, reaching people in different parts of the world. Thus, it is important to provide adequate information about what you are trying to market.


It is undeniable that people nowadays, use the different social media websites to a venue for self-expression. Along with this, it becomes inevitable that social media has become a big popularity contest for people coming from the different walks of life. Some people use social media for the purpose of acquiring so many online friends to prove that they have a strong social skill. In contrast, those who have lesser friends are sometimes perceived as losers and their social skill is poor. However, the list of friends or followers that a person has can be misleading. A lot of people use social media just to collect and acquire people who want to do the same.

Escape from Reality

Those people who have a poor social skill may utilize the different social networks to escape from the real life. They often feel and experience lesser pressure when interacting online and rely on the different online tools in order to interact with others. The use of social media and withdrawing oneself from the reality may pose negative effects. Thus, parents must take part by spending quality time with their children.
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