Android Spy Apps: Boon or Bane

Posted on Jul 3 2013 - 9:28pm by Ajay Bisht
When it comes to app development, Android often stays ahead of the race with its innovative measures, thinking and ability. Android application developers with their out-of-the-box approaches have formulated a lot of applications and most of the time they have been sold like hotcakes. Android Spy Apps have really added a feather to the cap of the Android developers as they have some strong and eminent features. As the name suggests, Spy apps are exclusively designed for spying others’ lives or activities without their knowledge. Though it can be helpful at times, it can really wreak havoc in the lives of many as well. Taking these measures into account, I’ve planned to compile this post by bringing out both the best and worst Android spy apps can produce on the users.

Android Spy Apps Boon or Bane

Here, we are with the points on Android spy apps – a boon or bane. Before getting into the topic, I’d like to list out a few spy apps which will help in the process of comparing the positive and negative sides of it.
  • Super spy camera+
  • Mobile spy
  • Silent spy camera
  • Ear spy
  • Bosspy

Android Spy Apps: Boon

Well, despite hitting you with the features and benefits of spy apps it would be better if I provide you an illustration.
Illustration 1: Say, for instance, you run a corporate and someone in the office is transferring all your precious business-related details to your competitor without your knowledge. As a result, your business performance dips and sales hit a year low. How would you overcome this? Even if you question 1000 times he/she won’t confess. But, in the form of the spy apps you’ve a great opportunity to catch the person red handed. All you just need to do is to install the spy apps on everyone’s mobile. From this, you’ll be able to track each and every one’s communication and call list easily. With such data, you could easily nail the person whom you look out for!
Illustration 2: For instance, you’ve lost your mobile, often it happens with many and as a result, you’ll be clueless on where you lost your mobile. However, with the help of Android spy apps installed on your mobile, you’d be able to track the position of your mobile. Not only that, to your surprise, you can even track the person who has got your mobile at the very moment as well. In a short period of time, you’d have your mobile on your pocket again. Isn’t that a boon!

Android Spy apps: Bane

Well, as every coin has two sides, Android app too has its other side. Let’s discuss how they can be harmful to your privacy. I’ll adhere to the same idea of making use of illustrations to put forward the points in a better way.
Illustration 1: Say, you’ve an official foe or competitor who want to ruin your business growth. To achieve this, all he needs is your communication details. By installing the spy apps on your mobile he can easily extract the entire data with ease. In no matter of time, your entire business-related data would be easily transferred to his mobile which could evidently play spoilsport on your business. You’ll be left in the lurch as everything happens without your knowledge. Sounds nightmarish, right!
Illustration 2: Say, you make use of your mobile applications for storing data, giving presentations, saving records, then your foe can just control the entire applications on your mobile from his mobile with ease. Of course, you’ve spy apps which when installed on your mobile phone controls the other apps and their activities completely. This can produce become a disaster to your growth as you may not be able to retrieve the data from your mobile on time. Also, it is possible to take some of your privacy pictures which can then be loaded to the web with ease. This could eventually create a huge barrier to your personal life and your privacy would be under scrutiny.


There are always pros and cons associated with technology growth and it is in the hands of persons that use it. Similarly, spy apps can be utilized for good as well as bad cause. It all depends on the individuals who deploy the apps. Remember, Android also offers spy apps that can presence of spy apps in your mobile devices as well. However, it is better to be careful when deploying it on other mobiles as it gives an opportunity to do the same on your mobile. Stay safe!

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