The Best Phone Games Available For Android And IOS

Posted on Jul 6 2013 - 12:25am by Ajay Bisht
The modern mobile phone is loaded with technology in the form of things like motion sensors and touch screen technology. This has led games developers to design a host of games which trade off these features.
It seems that the best mobile games are often the ones best suited to mobile specifications, such as ‘physics’ type productions like Angry Birds.
There’s something innately pleasurable about landing an object at the exact weight and velocity that makes it land exactly where you had planned, and importantly, its completely mobile phone friendly. Angry Birds now have some great spin off games like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars for an audience who loves the genre. All of these editions are available free on Android and IOS platforms.
Mayday! Emergency Landing uses your phone’s direction sensors to help you steer a plane in for landing. It trades off the phone’s abilities as a tip and tilt motion controller rather than a joy pad – which might lend itself more to action games.
That said there are plenty of action games available for your phone, with Temple Run and Pitfall being a couple of the most popular. Both games are fast paced and have great graphics. In terms of control they rely on a lot of swiping at opportune moments and touch screen icons taking the place of joy pad buttons.
Bridge Constructor is a fantastic mobile game due to its simple touch screen friendliness and depth of game play. Bridge Constructor is as informative as it is pleasurable, teaching the user about engineering structures in broad conceptual terms. It’s also free to download.

5 Best Android Games for You

1. Car Club:Tuning Storm:

This is a game that will become a paradise for lovers of tuned cars. Tuning has been applied extensively in racing, especially in the Gran Turismo series and the last parts of the need for speed, but the point is that there is more tuning, much more!Recommended : Top 5 Scariest Games for Mobile

Car ClubTuning Storm

2. Princess Isabella 2 CE:

This game will tell you about a witch hunt and what can be greater. As always, the problem is global – to save a kingdom, conquer evil, rent a terrible curse, and most importantly – to unravel the terrible secrets, to avoid this in the future.

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Princess Isabella 2 CE

3. 50 ways to survive:

Great Lessons of survival can be obtained in the game 50 ways to survive, which literally in the first week of its release has gained a lot of positive reviews in over 40 countries! Already on the basis of the game title one thing is clear- you will have to survive by all means, by hook or by crook.

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50 ways to survive

4. Skiing Fred:

The chaos in the way you’ll encounter in the game Skiing Fred, where comrade Fred, as known to us for some other games gets in trouble again. Slide became dangerous as ever, so the longer you can last in the slope, the greater the reward awaits you, and do not even think it is easy, everyone absolutely contrary!

Skiing Fred

5. Gelluloid:

This game is the excellent strategy for android that demonstrate their ability to think tactically and implement the strategy in practice. You have to manage innovative structures of helium, which is ready to fight and learn from their enemies, as they develop and become invincible!

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5 Best Games for IOS:

1. Dead Space:

The popular game that puts us in the middle of the space between all kinds of aliens, famous for its oppressive atmosphere of terror, came to Apple devices through the front door. Even the graphics scratched at high altitude. Intuitive controls and a dash new and unique are the hallmarks of a highly recommended game that even just received an update that you can play the new survival mode.

Dead Space

2. Metal storm wingman:

It is a game fighter jets that there are three ways to play vs. mode: where you have to knock down your enemy campaign: are game missions and survival mode where you have to withstand enemy fire (alone or with a friend online).

Metal storm wingman

3. Real Racing HD:

Another proof that real fancy stuff are being made for Apple devices. As great addition to connect the iPad to your TV and enjoy the game in perfect full HD on TV while using the iPad as a steering wheel. Enjoy the most of this game with the iPad 2 thanks to its increased power.

Real Racing HD

4. Modern Combat 3:

The action and shooting games that are so popular in big consoles are reflected in the iPad in games like Modern Combat 3 one of its greatest exponents. Not that there are many great action games for Apple devices and wonder if the required disk Gb Modern Combat 3 has something to do, but improve by leaps and bounds.

Modern Combat 3

5. Fifa 12:

FIFA 11 was already quite impressive, but 12 takes the cake. They have added new Manager Mode and a new system of control with the two friends can use iPhones and iPod as game pads while the action takes place on the iPad.

Fifa 12

Personally, I tell them I have it on my tablet, and its graphics, but not what was expected, it is very entertaining and you can spend several hours in front of your device.

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