How to Boost Your Mobile Apps using Mobile App Analytics

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 9:00pm by Ajay Bisht
Every day, my clients come to me wanting to know exactly how to improve the acquisition of higher-quality mobile app users. It is not hard to understand exactly why most marketers experience the troublesome discovery problem, as each application is in constant competition with over 1 million rival apps in the market.

Boost mobile apps using analytics

Using App Analytics

Developers can quickly boost the usability of their mobile applications using app analytics. They can identify which application is being used most frequently, and how often it is downloaded. It allows the developer to understand the tracking average times required for each application to determine if that specific app will produce any longevity by keeping high levels of interest in the market.

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Analyze Market Data

The quickest way to boost your mobile application usage is to understand and analyze market data that is easily accessible. Often times, people that share specific commonality tend to purchase the same services and goods. This would include people that share occupations, income, age, or location. Lifestyle differences also play an essential role.Must Read : 6 Rightful Suggestion to Consider Before You Develop Your Mobile Application
Through market analysis, it is easy to understand the demographics of the people that are interested in purchasing your specific mobile application and target marketing promotions toward them.

Install the Analytics Platform

During the process of installing the analytic platform, you can always make full use of big data, or the amount of information that is automatically harvested from the users of your mobile applications. Regardless of whether the information currently has a value, having the data stored in an analytic database allows it to be converted easily into actionable information.
Understanding the past conditions of the sales performance of your mobile application helps control and maximize sales in the future.

Picking KPIs

Selecting key performance indicators (KPI) is the best way to design a metric that can be tied to a specific target. Usually, my clients will use key performance indicators to understand the ratio of exactly how on target, or off target, they are on their marketing plan. Essentially, selecting the best KPIs can significantly change the way individuals perform their jobs and handle significant roadblocks in accomplishing goals.You Will Love To Read : Overview of Popular Mobile Apps Development Platforms
Once you begin using KPIs, you will gain valuable insight into the importance of each measurement of performance.

Think Global

I often tell my clients that the whole world’s their stage, and to think globally, because the entire planet is watching. The performance of your mobile application will be highly dependent on how much it is needed around the world. Through analytics, and analyzing market data, you can quickly recalibrate exactly how your mobile application works in a global environment and make the necessary adjustments.

Compare Performance & Device

It is true that the world is going mobile now, and that the performance of your application has to work with each specific device, accurately and properly. Ensuring that your mobile app functions properly is essential to its survival.
Taking advantage of the above tips can boost interest in your mobile applications and help you target your marketing toward new demographics.

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