iOS 7: What’s New in Store For Us?

Posted on Jul 10 2013 - 10:15pm by Ajay Bisht
With the feature stacked iOS 6 getting mixed reviews from the users, it turned imperative for Apple to include a better and more comprehensive platform for the mobile and other similar consoles. As the subsequent versions were closely unveiled, this came in as a free upgrade for the current iPad or related devices making scrolling through the gadgets an absolute charm. Though the new iOS features were revealed intermittently, Apple did allow developers to put forward their ideas and make for a utilitarian operating system.

iOS 7 new features

The New ‘Blocking’ Feature

Blocking unwanted people from contacting via calls, messages, Facebook chat initiation etc. comes in handy with the iOS 7 which earlier was only a myth with the previous software versions. Jailbreaking did allow third party applications letting in the same but the process came out to be a complex one for many. The newest release opened the doors for an adventurous user letting him stay unperturbed from undesired encounters.

Including More Applications

The features on offer with the iOS 7 include those associated with application storage and the displaying them as necessary icons. Most comprehensive options are:
  • Bigger folder size than the previous versions letting in more applications.
  • Unlike the iOS 6 where only 16 apps could be stored, this upgrade allows the user to add more folders and associated pages.
  • Newsstand, an application, which earlier couldn’t be added to the display scheme, has been allowed this time over making surfing and accessing easy for the users.

Relevant Notifications

Apple went up a notch higher on the smartness quotient making inroads for a more relevant notifying scheme allowing users not to miss a single appointment or waver from the predefined schedule. The features involve:
  • Section wise division is a feature newly available with the iOS 7. The log based option defines “all”, “missed” and “today” providing an insightful summary of each. 
  • Users can save birthday reminders along with weather determinations and meeting schedules as notifications to stay on time.
  • This feature makes Apple and the associated devices more organized negating the previously encountered anomalies.

More Proficient “Siri”

This intelligent verbal innovation has been made more proficient and extensive as the names and spellings can be customized based on accents moving a step further than the phonetic options The virtual assistant asks about the preferences and modulates the tone accordingly.

Incorporating Special Inboxes

Customized inboxes come around as a new feature with this latest iOS upgrade. This feature has been included with the mail app making life easy for the users considerably. Some of the associated perks include:
  • Directly addressed emails including attachments behave like VIP inboxes.
  • The distribution list is no more a hindrance as the mail addressed to the user gets readily delivered without much hassle.
  • The content is never duplicated and another viewing interface is provided alongside to ease out the reading process.

Managing Bulk Emails

With this process recently introduced, the bunch of emails can be selected all at once or separately by marking them according to the requirements. Unread or read options are provided alongside to keep the privacy quotient intact allowing better bulk storage.

Filtering Live Photos

With earlier versions, changes could have been rendered after the snaps were clicked. The newest photo previewing option provides the following features:
  • The recent application associated with iOS 7 allows life previewing letting the user look at the prospective changes with associated effects and vintage filters before even making the click.
  • The original copy is always saved even if the picture is taken with the vintage filter or other effects turned on.
  • Reverting back to the original snap is considerably easier with the toggle option available with the application.

Swiping Features

The all inclusive “Back” button is often undesirable while navigating through the apps and folders. An exotic gestural option involves swiping through the pages and applications for accessing each have been included with the upgraded iOS 7. This being an addictive application, allows better navigation coupled with an innovative orientation.

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Enhanced Privacy Option

Apple has modified its age old “Safari” browser in an all new way by adding some innovative features alongside the preexisting ones. These include:
  • Private browsing mode is added and can be switched at any moment which hardly leaves a trail of the stuffs ventured into.
  • Cookie trail along with the history is not stored which ably confides with the secret stuff going around.
  • This feature can be initiated by going to the settings option and flipping the “Private browsing” tab and activating it.

Apple thus comes around with an updated OS to suffice varied user needs and letting users extract the most out of a regular Smartphone by revealing its true potential.

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