Smartphone Video Watch – Survey Stats Disclose Mixed Responses from Users

Posted on Jul 6 2013 - 6:55am by Ajay Bisht
Mobile phones, once devised and meant only for communication, have revolutionized the world and improved sophistication. Today, most of us can’t even live without smartphones as they’ve almost become the integral part of our life! Using smartphones, you’d talk, text, set schedules, book tickets, watch movies, listen to music, track location, etc. The benefits of advanced mobile phones are keeping on increasing and it’s never going to cease unless the mobile users give up the idea of using them. Though, smartphones provide us with a lot features and benefits, how many of us explore and relish the complete benefits offered by these devices! Here, I’ve compiled some interesting information on Smartphones and phone users.

Smartphone video watch

When I searched about “smartphone video watch” in the web, I was confronted with distinct opinions and stats from different surveys. I’d like to share this information with you all as it can be engaging and exciting. I’ve planned to compare two popular surveys that bagged mixed responses from mobile users. Let’s start the discussion, right now.

Survey by Business Insider Intelligence

As per this survey, it has been reported that 41% of Americans have the habit of watching videos via their smartphones. So, it is apparent that people that use mobile phones don’t mind the size of the screen while watching videos. As it is easily transportable and access, US people might have preferred these devices for improving their knowledge or relishing their leisure time. However, the report also mentions that it doesn’t mean that Americans watching the videos via mobiles spend more than 10 minutes at a stretch. The reasons for watching the videos may vary. It may be due to finding something accidently on the way they travel or when in office, or craze toward certain topics, celebrities, brands, etc. So, the cumulative data of this survey points out that Americans have the habit of watching videos via mobile devices compared to others from the rest of the world.

Use of smartphones

Survey by Experian Marketing Services

This survey was a bit exhaustive the prior one as it collected complete data from the individuals. For instance, they inquired people about what are the kinds of activities are involved into while using their smartphones every day. The opinions came pouring in from all corners and they compiled the views and have presented in the survey. The stats expose:
  • Conversation purpose – 79%
  • Text messaging – 76%
  • Social engagement – 52%
  • Browsing – 62%
  • Mail checking – 61%
  • Video watch – 2%
So, from the above stats, it is quite obvious that people watching videos via smarphones is considerably less compared to other activities. It may surprise many; but, the survey clearly reveals that the number of people preferring video watch via mobiles is less which is quite in contrast with the prior survey.

Survey regarding smartphone activities

However, from the two surveys point out that mobile video watch among people all around the world has got a poor response. There could be more than one reason for this. But, most often, small screen size, slow loading, cost associated with internet subscription, poor signals, etc. can a few reasons why most people avoid mobile videos.
But it is apparent that the arrival of smartphones into the market has completely turned the universe upside down as they have transformed the lifestyles of millions of people all around the globe incredibly. Today, you’ve iPhones, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones, and also plenty of applications developed to support their respective brands. With advanced devices like Tablets hitting the market nowadays, the mobile phone users may not have voted for watching videos via smartphones as they come with small screens. I hope the information provided was quite useful and interesting.

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