Top 5 Cross-Platform Apps That You Cannot Miss

Posted on Jul 11 2013 - 10:07pm by Ajay Bisht
Cross-platform apps look and function consistently across a variety of mobile and computing platforms. The ongoing technological advancements have given rise to a multitude of computing and mobile platforms (iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Symbian and Mac OS X to name a few). In order to correctly target a wider audience base, companies have successfully developed and deployed cross-platform apps on different market places (Google Play Store for Android, iTunes Store for Apple), thus providing uniform features and functionality for all types of mobile and computing device users.
Our pick of the top 5 cross-platform apps that boost productivity, enhance entertainment value and improve general lifestyle are discussed below.

Top 5 Cross-Platform Apps

1. VLC media player

The universal media player has expanded its reach to almost all types of devices. This fact, coupled with its ability to handle virtually any file format for playing audio, video makes it a must-have app for your smart phone or computer. Its large database of codes, format readability and compatibility allows VLC to play, convert, stream and resize any type of multimedia file. What’s more, it is now also available as compact, USB portable standalone software as well. This allows you to play your video on any and every computer system or mobile smart phones with ease.

VLC media player

2. DropBox:

This is an open source service to help you back up any file or folder into your DropBox and access them anywhere in the world on any Internet-enabled device, through DropBox website. Instead of emailing every file from another device to your own computer or smartphone, you can simply dump them in the DropBox folder on the site and then retrieve it in the destination device. This utility facilitates a smooth sync of files and folders across multiple PCs and smartphones thereby enabling cross-platform harmony.


3. Firefox:

Touted as the best website browser by many, Firefox has now lent true meaning to the word ‘cross-platform compatibility’, with its services now covering smartphone users as well. For long, Firefox has been the undisputed king of Internet browsers, but was found lacking in a stable version for smartphones across different platforms. With features such as XMarks and Weave, it is now possible to add bookmarks and access the same from any computer or smartphone, thus providing extremely clean synchronization between devices.


4. TeamViewer:

 Anyone who has worked remotely can vouch for the power and savings TeamViewer brings about in one’s personal and professional life. You can do a remote into your client’s machine (no matter geographically how far they are from you) and share files. While this power was available only on computers until recently, the TeamViewer development team has released a cross-platform app for the same that can be easily accessed and used in Android, iPhone, Windows phone, tablets and iPads. You can support clients spontaneously, collaborate with colleagues remotely and access your important files from another location easily.


5. Thunderbird:

This email client truly signifies the power of cross-platform development with the version working equally well on computers as well as different mobile platforms. We can safely go on to say that you will be hard pressed to find another email client that works so well across different platforms as this. Coming from the same development stable as Firefox web browser, one can be assured of stability and scalability to be built in by default within this application. Just like Firefox, Thunderbird too has a huge library of add-ins that makes our mail work fun and easy.


That was our pick of chosen cross-platform apps that work wonderfully across different devices. While there are many other cross-platform apps such as Chrome, Adobe Reader, and VMWare, we feel that the five we have discussed are must-haves on your Internet access devices to make your professional life more productive and personal life more fun.

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