Which Smartphone Has the Best Battery Life

Posted on Jul 13 2013 - 4:29am by Ajay Bisht
Smartphones have now engulfed the space people are living in, there are smartphones everywhere. In fact in the present day, there may be a few among the several who would readily say that a day without a smartphone would be a day closer to restlessness. Android based smartphones are now selling like hot cakes, that is the value they carry and typically Android phones are regarded as smart phones today. Yes, it is true that there are Apple and Windows smartphones are on the scene but somehow the elegance and interface Android carries, especially the latest version, being Jellybean has picked up very high pace.


Smartphones are extremely reliable today, besides facilitating communication they are also into being systems that offer storage and the way technology is being developed you can now make video calls, conferences everything through the smartphone. Smartphones have served the purpose of their engineering. There is one issue that most of the smart phones suffer from has always been facing, that is the problem with the battery.
The smartphones use heavy processors, heavy operating system, apps, software, and with so many things that are running on it, naturally the power consumption would be quite high and there are so many smartphones today that it is difficult to pick the best among the rest.


The smart phones being launched today excel in one feature or the other, if one smart phone features excellent camera then the other projects fantastic interface, if you go with the features then it would be impossible to arrive at one smart phone. You are aware that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is listed to be the best smart phone as of May 2013, on an overall basis. HTC ONE takes the crown for the most stylishly designed phone and battery backup it was the Motorola Droid.
For an honest, if would not be fair to judge Motorola Droid to be providing the best battery backup as compared to the other smart phones, the features that the Motorola Droid houses are minimal and the smartphone has not been in the market recently and besides the other smartphones are heavy on operating system and on the processing speed, naturally the battery backup would be quite low.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 battery
Therefore when you consider all features on an average note, then smartphone with the best battery backup is rightfully the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the fastest smartphone among the other besides being the smartphone with the best battery backup. That is an amazing combination, the fast and the best.
Smartphone battery life comparison
The Samsung Galaxy S4 was tested in the Geekbench 2 software and the Samsung Galaxy scored a 3,188 followed by HTC that scored a comfortable 2,798. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a winner in the block anytime, any day. When it comes to Samsung, there is no one who beat it and moreover besides being crowned the best smart phone in the block, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also tops the list in the most number of units of the smart phone sold as of May 2013.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a winner here for a valid reason, the smartphone offers an amazing 1051 minutes of talk time, that is a like an incredible 17 and a half hours, which is really a lot compared to the other smart phone for the other smart phones hardly offer 8 to 10 hours of battery backup on the talk time mode. Sony Xperia Z secured the second place after the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a battery backup of 985 minutes, followed by Google Nexus 4 with offers a battery backup a 846 and then comes HTC ONE, Blackberry Z10, Apple iPhone 5 16GB and then Nokia Lumia 920.

Internet Usage

When it comes to the Internet use Samsung emerges a winner again with a backup of 405 minutes followed by HTC ONE at 339 minutes then came the other phones like the Sony Xperia Z, Blackberry Z10, Apple iPhone 5, Google Nexus 4, and the Nokia Lumia respectively.
The other smart phones besides the Samsung Galaxy S4, mentioned here are high end smart phones that are on par with each other, they are all powered by equally potential operating systems and processor and provided the smartphones house almost similar features, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a clear winner and more deserving at the same time.


Therefore the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best in the industry irrespective of whatever side you may choose. The battery backup of seventeen and a half hours is incredible in the scene; there are smartphones that are still new on the block but still offer a battery backup of hardly 8 to 10 hours. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the jewel in the crown that Samsung holds. The Samsung Galaxy series is best that the company could offer to its customers.
The smartphones under the name Samsung Galaxy have not failed to make a mark amongst the people, they have just appealed to the people and then again there have not been any complaints either, even there is a complaint about any feature that is taking a back step then Samsung just new introduces a brand new smartphone so as to address to the complaints and then the company also aims at manufacturing smart phones according to the customer requirements.
If you are a camera enthusiast then you have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, if you want a waterproof phone then there is Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, if you want a really large display then there is Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, if you want a low budget phone then there is Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, ask for it and Samsung will it have the smartphone within its kin. There is no looking back, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the game changer for the company and then the carrier models of the smart phone are just carrying the legacy forward.
Well, concluding the facts, getting back to where it was started, The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best in the block with regard to all the features.

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