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Posted on Aug 24 2013 - 10:26am by Ajay Bisht
Samsung mobiles next launch is smart watch. September 4, 2013 the company has organized a media event to introduce its new version Note III “Phablet” which is a cross of Phone and Tablet. On the same day media expects the company would announce about the launch of the Galaxy Gear Smart watch. Launching events will be held in Berlin and New York. The company has also planned to have a pop-up store in Times Square. It would help to sell the watches.

Samsung Galaxy watch

This kind of second screens for Smartphone is not a new idea in this world. A second generation smart watch was recently introduced by Sony. Apple also announced that the company has planned to work on a iWatch. For Samsung also the idea is not entirely new. The company had introduced its first smart watch phone in 1999. Till now the developments of the smart watches are under consumers’ expectations. Analysts say that Samsung is in the top position of selling Smartphone’s worldwide. Hence Samsung Galaxy Gear will be the great second screen for the Galaxy phone users. The non Flexible screen would be the great drawback for the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

Samsung Galaxy  wrist watch

Developers had planned to have a square screen to have a high quality OLED display which shows the full spectrum of colors. The display is about 2.5 inches. And the device runs with dual core processor 1.5GHz with better battery life. The resolution of Galaxy Gear is 320 x 320 display. Galaxy Gear will comes in five different colors like White, Black, Golden White, Yellow and Red.

wearable smart watch

The smart watch has integrated camera and tiny speakers in strap. The smart watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE. The inbuilt Bluetooth helps to connect your Smartphone easily with your wrist watch. When the watch is moved up towards your eye the accelerometer helps to switch on the device. The watch screen works with the usual touch as like mobile devices. The Nike Fuel band is used as a wearable strap.

Smart watch

The galaxy Gear watch works on the Android 4.1 platform. The smart watch gets connected to the smartphones or tablets using the watch manager application on the mobile devices. The applications for smart watch will not be listed in Google play. It will be from the Samsung Application store. If you need a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch then you should have a Samsung Galaxy smart phone or tablet. As we all know that the invention of Samsung is all because of the influence of Apple company devices. Samsung is in urge to launch its smart watch before Apple’s iWatch. If Samsung Galaxy gear fails in User Interface challenges or other issues of connecting the smart watch with smartphone then Samsung will set up an Apple iWatch for greater success.

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